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Findings from the Deloitte South Africa cloud computing readiness report

There are facts and figures bantered around almost constantly with regards to the adoption of cloud computing and associated services in South Africa; but unfortunately there is no real holistic view which caters for both the SME as well as the enterprise market. Deloitte recently set out to try and close that gap with the Cloud Computing Readiness Survey which ran over June through August.

The response was excellent and the data provided a great view of the SME and the enterprise markets in South Africa; the following chat shows the spread of responses:

What Did We Learn?

Only 38% of the respondents in the SME segment have not moved any of their computing to the cloud while a greater 82% of enterprise respondents have not moved to the cloud. SME’s are clearly more at ease with cloud computing solutions and while the report didn’t go into the reasons as to why this is so; it is not far-fetched to deduce that this is due to a considerably “flatter” organisational structure as well as less policy and procedure which needs to be followed in order to ensure that all the correct steps are followed and signed off.

Both SME’s and Enterprise size clients share in the acknowledgement of the advantages of cloud computing; but also hold a healthy amount respect for some of the inhibitors which make them wary to plunge headlong with a cloud computing solution. What is interesting to notice is that there is very little difference in the way that the two groups view the advantages and inhibitors.

Full Report

These are just a few of the interesting findings that came from the first Deloitte South Africa Cloud Computing readiness report. For the full report; please just click here which will initiate the download!

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