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Deloitte Global Human Capital 2013 Trends report identifies thirteen trends driving human capital decisions

hc trends 2013

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Deloitte Global Human Capital 2013 Trends report

Five years after the onset of the Great Recession, companies are beginning to reset their horizons. For the last several years, human capital decisions have been largely shaped by that recession and its aftermath of weak economic growth. While the global economy continues to lurch forward, the Deloitte Global Human Capital 2013 Trends report finds companies pivoting from the recession to the new horizons of 2020.

Contact Trevor Page at to unpack the results of the Deloitte Global Human Capital 2013 Trends report and to discuss appropriate strategies for your organisation.

Today, the world’s leading organisations are raising their sights, broadening their focus and leaning forward. These companies understand that uncertainty is still part of the business landscape; but instead of merely reacting to change, they are harnessing it and turning it into a business advantage. They recognise that, in a world that is changing rapidly, the speed with which organisations adapt has become a critical business capability.

This reset occurs at a time when the talent agenda itself is undergoing a dramatic revision – with significant implications for CHROs and all senior business leaders worldwide. At today’s leading organisations, talent is becoming entirely integrated into business strategies, capital investments and operations.

Human capital issues command increasing attention and, in some cases, has become a permanent fixture on board agendas. Senior business leaders consider talent to be perhaps the critical factor in the push for sustainable growth and the need to manage new opportunities and risks in a more complex—and interdependent—world. Whether the growth strategies today are based on new innovative products and services, new market entry or through mergers and acquisitions – all are dependent on talent as the core foundation for success.

As a result, talent is now driving decisions that touch deeply on an organisation’s core strategy: How should we expand into new markets and which markets offer the best opportunities? Do we have the people we need to drive new product innovation? Is this the best company to acquire and can we integrate successfully? How should we organise our business in a post-digital world driven by social media, mobile technology, and universal access to “big data?”

Listening to clients, conversing with experts and conducting research, senior members of Deloitte’s Human Capital team have identified 13 global trends that we believe are driving human capital decisions. Our goal was not to look decades ahead and make predictions about a future that may or may not come to pass. Instead, we sought to identify changes currently afoot that are already shaping the future of organisations, whether they realize it or not.

In our research, two categories of trends emerged: those that are pushing business leaders to explore new paths and new solutions and those that require executives to change the way they execute their talent and business strategies. The report is divided into these two sections: Exploration and Execution.

To better understand the global relevance of these trends, Deloitte conducted a survey of more than 1300 HR and business leaders in 59 countries.

The survey results suggest that the 13 global trends presented in this report vary by level of intensity and maturity – from leading trends (those considered highly relevant over the next year) to rising trends (those considered relevant in the next 1-3 years) to emerging trends (those relevant in the next 3-5 years).

Download the results of the Deloitte Global Human Capital survey . . . . Human Capital Trends 2013

Contact Trevor Page at to unpack the results of the Deloitte Global Human Capital 2013 Trends report and to discuss appropriate strategies for your organisation.

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