2012 Stakeholder Report
Leaving a legacy and creating a sustainable future

Environmental Sustainability

Deloitte and the environment

Realising our responsibility towards the environment

As an organisation involved in the economic fabric of Southern Africa, serving clients from the entire commercial spectrum, Deloitte experiences first hand the challenges facing the environment.

For us climate change is a major issue. It is a concern that demands action. Every corporate citizen, regardless of their sphere of activity, must play their part in ensuring a sustainable future. 

The Deloitte commitment to environmental sustainability is firmly embedded in the ethos of the firm  through our Shared Values and the Deloitte Way.

We recognise that it is our responsibility to minimise the impact of our buildings, our operations and our services on the environment. We believe that making this commitment work requires that we follow a fully integrated approach to environmental management.

Beginning the journey to sustainability

We have begun the journey by examining how we consume energy and other resources in our daily activities.
Taking a leadership stance on the environment requires that everyone at Deloitte is committed to contributing to a sustainable environment. Our support began at Board level, where the former Sustainability Committee of the Board approved environmental sustainability as one of the firm's
10 corporate citizenship focus areas.

A focused environmental policy

As a Deloitte focus area, our environmental policy has been developed and formalised. Key attributes of this policy are:

  1. A commitment to complying with the letter and spirit of regulations and statutory requirements regarding the environment
  2. Following the precepts of the United Nations Global Compact principles on environmental sustainability
  3. Incorporating measures aimed at saving and promoting energy efficiency in all areas of our business
  4. Introducing waste reduction measures, re-use and recycling programmes wherever we can
  5. Reducing our need for travel, and where journeys must be undertaken, making choices that minimise the impact on the environment
  6. Promoting  staff awareness on environmental issues through workplace programmes
  7. Selecting suppliers and products on the basis of the impact that their services and products may have on the environment
  8. Seeking to improve the environmental performance of our clients through our offerings

Practical steps towards environmental sustainability

Our stated objective is to measure our carbon footprint every year and ensure that our impact on the evironment is reduced.  Practically, the use of electricity has been reduced through the installation of motion light detectors, and air conditioners in some offices have been fitted with cut-out timers.
We have set out to achieve our goal by gaining the support of everyone at Deloitte for various activities. These include:

  1. Engaging the support of all our people by promoting environmental awareness in the workplace on an ongoing basis.
  2. Video-conferencing facilities are used to reduce staff air travel.
  3. International awareness days are utilised to promote and educate staff on environmental issues.
  4. We use IMPACT Day as an opportunity to get involved in various greening activities in the schools and communities we support.
  5. The Deloitte Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town offices have implemented waste recycling initiatives.
  6. Keeping international air travel to a minimum.

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