2012 Stakeholder Report
Leaving a legacy and creating a sustainable future

Magnet for Top Talent

TalentOur people

All the elements of business practices at Deloitte that encompass corporate citizenship, our brand, our values and our principles, are embedded in our talent recruitment, development and retention strategies.

As a leading professional services firm, we know our ultimate strength relies on the quality of the people we recruit. How they are treated, developed, mentored and grow within our ranks ultimately determines the credibility and strength of the Deloitte brand.

To this end we will continue to provide world-class learning and career development for all our people, thereby ensuring that they, our clients and the market benefit as a result. For Deloitte the goal is to help foster a workplace environment that provides our people with what they’re looking for most: meaning, purpose and the special personal connection that they expect from a professional service environment. We want to be “the place where the best choose to be”.

Consequently, our talent management efforts are focused on four main priority areas:

  1. Attracting and recruiting top talent
  2. Retaining top talent
  3. Developing top talent
  4. Strengthening our culture

This is accomplished through a myriad of initiatives which are shared further in this report.

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