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Integrated Reporting practices based on findings from 100 JSE-listed companies

I have provided an introduction below to a publication (which applies to all members of the C-Suite) prepared by the Deloitte Integrated Reporting and Sustainability team, which discusses the state of Integrated Reporting practices in South Africa. The publication contains the key findings of the empirical research conducted on 100 companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

The analysis covered 7 subjects, 58 principles and 160 questions seeking to assess actual performance against good practice. The publication includes practical observations on certain topical subjects which appear to be a challenge for companies. I have provided an excerpt below and will send you the full report upon request.

If you would like to discuss the contents of the report in more detail, please contact Bertie Loots (, Nina le Riche (, Johan Erasmus ( or Jaco Pretorius (

Integrated Reporting: Navigating your way to a truly Integrated Report

Integrated Reporting is the new kid on the block … and like many new kids there are great hopes for its future including the ultimate achievement of embedding a strategy that preserves long-term value, simplifying reporting and adding more meaningful information to a wide range of users. But where does the idea come from? What is it trying to do? And what is the current state of development?

And before you think this is just for the accountants, think again. Integrated Reporting aims to incorporate everything from strategy through to risk management; from financial reporting to the inclusion of usage of other capitals (think societal and environmental impacts). And it aspires to meet the needs of a wider group of stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers and others. So everyone associated with an organisation in a significant way is likely to be touched by it.

At Deloitte, we see Integrated Reporting as enabling a process which enhances and preserves long-term sustainability in all its dimensions, without unduly sacrificing short-term performance. The Integrated Report is in turn an annual report that comprises a holistic and integrated representation of the entity’s efforts to enhance and preserve long-term sustainability in all its dimensions, without unduly sacrificing short-term performance.

Deloitte has released its second quarterly report on the state of Integrated Reporting in South Africa. The report reveals that Integrated Reporting standards have been adopted by more than half of South Africa’s listed companies. Although it is now necessary for these JSE-listed companies to include a statement of compliance with the principles set out in the King Code on Governance Principles (King III) in their annual reports, many companies are still scoring surprisingly low on corporate governance matters.

Download the publication . . . .  Integrated Reporting – Navigating your way to a truly Integrated Report

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